Mongoose Truck Laptop Computer Table

Pro-Desks features exclusively, the Mongoose the most user friendly, most advanced truck laptop computer tables available. This product is the finest truck laptop computer table available in terms of quality and durability. This desk features an adjustable top that will fit any computer width including 17″ widescreens, and also any depth, so ruggedized laptops are no problem. The Mongoose is a high quality product, so it can last for years. Its base plate is interchangeable, which means you can remove and re-install the desk into another truck easily.

Pro Desks Mongoose – The Advanced Locking Truck Laptop Computer Table

truck laptop computer tableYou can find no other truck laptop computer tables which can be compared to the Mongoose in terms of quality and durability. This is very easily the most advanced, nicest to use desk available. This professional laptop desk is fully finished. Installing the desk is simple as well.

With an unique slide action arm with nine inches of travel, the full 360 degree rotational pedestal arm housing the slide, full rotational desk top, pivoting capabilities, full locking capabilities, the Mongoose is definitely the most advanced truck laptop computer tables out there.

This is a seat rail truck laptop computer table. The desk bolts into the passenger side seat rails using a custom designed base plate. No truck modifications are required.

Pro Desks Mongoose, Locking Adjustable Aluminum Top

The Mongoose truck laptop computer table is manufactured by Gamber-Johnson and is brought to the market by Pro Desks. Being made of high quality material, this desk can provide years of quality service. Its top is among the finest ones in the industry. This features an all aluminum adjustable locking top. Each side clip and front and rear clips are adjustable, for placement side to side, and height.

This allows you to fit any laptop in this top, no matter the depth, and also leave ports open on the sides for access. There are no cables to scratch and get in the way, it does not mark your computer, it slides open like a dream, and LOCKS.

The Mongoose truck laptop computer table has an adjustable tilting and rotating clevis underneath for optimal placement when you are working on the computer, you can angle it just the way you like, and rotate it around so that you can always find the best spot for ergonomic computing.

Pro Desks Mongoose Lock Mechanism Desktop Mounting System

The Mongoose features a very easy to secure locking mechanism, this system actually secures the desktop from opening in the event of a collision, with or without locking the key. The knob turns to “Close” the top from opening, then you can “Lock” the knob so that the computer is secured into the top, a very easy to use system that works fast to get your computer in and out.

Laptops when being placed on this laptop desk will be kept in security. The Mongoose is a seat rail truck laptop computer table, so there are no vehicle modifications required. The locking system allows you to leave your vehicle for a while without worrying about the theft. It allows you to leave the computer as is, you don’t have to take it out and put it away each time you get in and out of the truck.

The top is lockable, holding your laptop tight and securely when there is a collision. The machining and workmanship on this desk is first rate, made in the USA, this is a high end piece of equipment.

Easy Access From Either Side of Your Vehicle

With the Mongoose truck laptop computer table, working on the laptop from either side of your vehicle is simple now. There is tons of room under the desk with this slide, it’s not like the articulating arms which take up space underneath, its neat and clean. And with the ratcheting movement system, with the knob right under the computer, moving it is so easy.

If you need to enter some data at a job site and want to use it exactly like a desk in front of you, just swing it over the passenger side, jump in and it’s perfectly positioned right in front of you. You can adjust the height up and down to suit your needs, you can tilt the keyboard, and rotate it if required, slide it left or right on the slide mechanism to get just the right position, it is really something to use this desk.

Fast And Secure Transport Mode

With the unique slide action and the geared rotational system at the pedestal top, the Mongoose can turn to Transport Mode easily and quickly. This allows for immediate placement out of the way. Just pull the knob, turn, release and it locks into place in a gear notch. Ingenious really. It takes you just a few seconds to change the system work mode to Transport.

This truck laptop computer table takes up the least amount of space in transport mode, or work mode, it’s streamlined, the base locates the pedestal right over to the console, and when you put it over to Transport its completely out of the way of the driver controls and console area and also right out of the way of the passenger.

You can close the lids completely when using this advanced truck laptop computer table. Many cheap light duty laptop desks on the market just do not have this advanced feature. They do not allow users to close the lid, which will harm your laptop in the long run. Not the Mongoose, this baby is well engineered.

Pro Desks Mongoose Comes right over to driver – controls are right under the computer near you, not at the pedestal.

The unique Mongoose slide is what really makes this desk a dream to use. You don’t have to reach over to the pedestal all the time to operate it like every other desk.

The knob to control the rotation is right under your computer – easy to use – the slide action knob is on the side of the sliding arm, again, easy to reach and use. This makes this the nicest truck laptop computer table of all to adjust. That slide allows you to bring the computer right over to you to work on, then simply just slide it back out of the way.

The slide mechanism was tested in a controlled repeat endurance program where it was slammed back and forth 50,000 times, just to be sure it wouldn’t fail. You can hammer this slide back when your done with confidence. This is a great truck laptop computer table, it simply is hard to explain how nice it is compared to trying to reach the pedestal all the time to adjust the position versus the Mongoose with the controls at the end of the arm, right near you.

No Passenger Interference

The advanced engineering that went into the Mongoose truck laptop computer table and the streamlined effects of the slide and rotational assembly leaves tons of room for passengers even with a computer fully mounted in the desktop.

The Mongoose is a seat rail truck laptop computer table, which never interfere with the passenger or passenger seat. You can have a passenger as normal. They have basically the whole floor area, they don’t even notice anything, the pedestal is nice and tight to the console, and the mechanism on top of the pedestal is neat, clean, compact and the slide arm is right under the computer.

This is a great setup for the new trucks with these consoles and floor shift setups, the neat clean assembly doesn’t hinder using it in these trucks.

Pro Desks Mongoose truck laptop computer table – Base installs clean and neat with no drilling – custom built for each truck

The new Mongoose base is custom designed to fit exact to each truck, by Year, Make, Model, and seat type. It matches up perfect. Each base positions the pedestal over to the console as far as is allowed for each truck, giving you the most room in the passenger seat, and the ability to get the desk the closest to the driver.

The Mongoose truck laptop computer table looks really good once being installed into your vehicle. You can do the installation job yourself with the tools provided. What I really like about this base is that the nuts are welded to the base, so you just position your top and install the supplied studs, you don’t need to try to hold the nut under the base while tightening up the pedestal upright.

When installing this truck laptop computer table, you should pay close attention to the little things and make sure things stay right. This desk was designed to go into the new trucks, we all know what these new trucks cost these days, there is absolutely no reason to put some cheap competitor desk in when this level of quality is available.

High Quality Steel Used

truck laptop computer tableThere is serious strength in the base, the lower pedestal and the upper pedestal, all the way through the slide, right to the steel clevis under the top, all material is first rate, and heavy duty. Power coated for a great finish for years, this steel component manufacturing process gives you a desk that will outlast many trucks and many computers, basically you buy 1 desk period.

The base plates are interchangeable – meaning if you switch brands of vehicle you never buy the desk again, just replace the base to match your new vehicle, this system is designed to just bolt right to the new base, piece of cake to change trucks. Heck you could even have a base and lower pedestal in a different vehicle and just walk the top from truck to truck.

This gives you an opportunity to use this in a Motor Home, or car and truck, or work and home vehicles. This is one strong desk and versatile.

Pro Desks Mongoose truck laptop computer table – The rotational knob is at the end of the slide nearest you, makes changing position simple

Little things make huge differences in using the laptop mount each day. Every manufacturer and competitor, our own other desks included, all force you to reach over to the pedestal shaft to rotate the computer. This is a major drag, as it can be quite reach for some.

The Mongoose truck laptop computer table however has the knob that you just pull out, right at the end of the slide nearest you, you just pull it out, and rotate, nothing could be easier.

The geared end on the pedestal is all controlled from this knob, you never have to reach way over there to move the desk. Also, it just clicks into place where ever you let the knob go, it finds the next closest notch and that is it. It’s fast. No hand tightening down a knob or anything of that nature, it’s in the position in seconds.

The geared location on top of the pedestal is full rotation, so you can operate this quickly from either side of the truck.

Pro Desks Mongoose truck laptop computer table – The tilt and top rotate knob, and slide mechanism knobs are both close as well

Ease of use should be among the main things to consider when it comes to purchasing laptop desks. The Mongoose is the most advanced, and the most user-friendly laptop desk currently available.

The top rotational and tilt knob is placed directly underneath and is easy and fast to use. The slide knob is always close to you and it is right on the slide that stays near you, just pull it out, slide the computer and let it go where you want. To slide it back just pull it out and slide. Done.

No more stretching over your console, over half of your truck to adjust the position each time, it’s right there. With all those advanced features, we highly recommend the Mongoose for those who are looking for an advanced, feature rich truck laptop computer table.

This laptop desk is amazing.

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