Enforcer II Truck Laptop Desk

The Pro Desks Enforcer II is an advanced truck laptop desk – No Drilling – No Vehicle Modifications Required.

The desktop can swivel, tilt, turn, allowing you configure the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it.

truck laptop computer deskWith this truck laptop desk, you can work on your laptop from either side of your vehicle; this feature is made possible by the use of a strong articulating arm which allows users to turn the mount from side to side. Check out the size of the telescoping pole, the quality of the articulating arm, no light duty junk here.

The height adjustable main pole allows you to bring the vehicle computer mounts desktop position up or down ensuring you a perfect fit. The articulating arm can be brought up and over, allowing you to make any adjustments for larger consoles. The Enforcer II truck laptop desk is designed for serious applications. Shock Pads absorb bumps and safeguard your equipment.

Enforcer II Truck Laptop Desk Does Not Interfere With Passenger Seat or Passenger

The presence of this laptop desk on your truck makes no interference to your passenger. You can have a passenger with you as usual. Your passenger can even work on the laptop comfortably by adjusting the desk top to suit his position.

Computing from your vehicle could not be easier.

A truck laptop desk such as the Enforcer II will provide years of rugged use. This laptop desk can be removed and re-installed easily. Send us a note when you’re in the shopping cart and we can get you another base no problem. This lap top mounting system was designed for rugged commercial usage on the job site, in law enforcement, Ambulances, construction and oilfield usage wherever off road driving could occur. Long Haul truckers, delivery van companies, consultants and professionals all find this desk extremely valuable.

Our Products Are Built For Police Use

Light duty truck laptop desk made by competitors will flop around in high speed situations or when slamming on the brakes, or extreme cornering. Our product will not. Our laptop desk was built for that extreme use and is the best solution for police use.

The Enforcer II truck laptop desk can withstand the toughest working environment; it is the best choice for rough use applications, construction, oil field, off road applications, field and job sites.

truck laptop computer deskThe installation of this front seat mount for computer is simple. You quickly assemble the desk system and easily install the custom designed base plate using the passenger front seat rail bolts, this securely mounts this desk for tough dependable service. The Enforcer II truck laptop desk comes with an 28″ height adjustment and it will swivel over any console, communication and radio equipment. The strong articulating arm makes it possible for you to work on the laptop even when you are standing outside your vehicle. The desk top provides secure hold mechanisms and also allows the laptop screen to close securely. With the use of this strong laptop desk, your laptop will be protected from the bumps and vibration on the road.

You Might Want a Second Base Plate

Moving the Enforcer II truck laptop desk from a vehicle to the second one is simple and can be done using the tools provided. You do not need to purchase a new Enforcer II to use in your new vehicle. You just need to remove the base and install it into your new vehicle. You may want to have a new base to fit your new vehicle.

A Vehicle Specific desk base plate is available for most vehicles currently on the road, so when you order, just tell Pro Desks the vehicle make, year, and seat ( bucket or split bench) and they’ll send the right base plate.

While you are in the shopping cart you can also order a optional screen support. This optional product will support your laptop screen while you are driving on the road.

If you order a desk that Pro Desks don’t have a base plate for, they’ll call you to discuss other options, but for the most part if your still driving it, they still make it. However, if by some outside chance we can’t supply a desk we will return your money immediately.

truck laptop computer deskThe Enforcer II truck laptop desk prevents your laptop from falling to the floor. It also helps reduce vibration impact to your computer while you are driving on the road. Cheap light duty truck laptop desks made by competitors can not withstand the hard working conditions and can not provide years of rugged usage. This desk is designed to take the rough conditions that oil field workers, construction, contractors, long haul truckers and all that Public Safety personnel will put it through. The light duty imitators can not be compared to the Enforcer II in terms of quality and durability.

Transport Mode

The Enforcer II truck laptop desk allows you to securely attach your computer and close the lid in transport mode. When you need to drive, you can turn the desk system into transport mode by just lowering the pedestal, swinging the articulating arm over top the post and locking it in the transport position. The transport mode is an excellent unique feature of the Enforcer II. The transport mode feature can not be found on the light duty laptop desks made by competitors.

This desk top fits from 10″ up to a 17″ wide screen notebook / laptop computer. The laptop desk works well with all laptop brands, including Mac.

You can still access your USB ports and drive bays using the side clamps of this truck laptop desk.

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