Ford F150 Series Enforcer II Review

A smartphone is a popular mobile device which can be brought with you everywhere you go. However, when you need to do some research on a job site or collect and feed data, a laptop will be much more useful. Previously, on the go lap top users resorted to using their passenger seat to store it while on the road. Putting your laptop on the passenger seat is not a good idea; your laptop can fall into the floor and have external as well as internal damage due to sudden collisions. You need a laptop mounting system which is heavy duty and reliable.

There are lots of busy people who have to work on the go these days. They want to turn their vehicles into convenient mobile offices so that they can work on the laptop, printer everywhere they go. What the drivers need is a strong powerful mounting system on which they can mount their laptop and find the perfect working position. This is where you will find the Ford F150 Series Enforcer II laptop desk to be the best option for this task. Enforcer II is the perfect laptop vehicle mount for Ford trucks including Ford Ranger and Ford F150.

Enforcer II Ford F150 laptop desks are built to fit laptops with both small and wide screens. You can adjust and find the perfect working position thanks to the powerful articulating arm of the system. Both the driver and the passenger can work on the laptop by turning the keyboard to the right position. The interchangeable base plate is one advanced feature of the mounting system, allowing you to transfer and re-use the laptop mount whenever you change your vehicle. The sturdy design of this laptop desk was built for the use of commercial jobs, such as law enforcement, Police cars and Patrol car situations, construction and oilfield usage where high speed situations or rugged terrain are much more likely to occur.

The Ford F150 Series Enforcer II truck laptop desk is easy to install, since it comes with a custom designed base plate that implements the existing seat bolts eliminating the need for drilling or modifications. The Enforcer II provider confidently provides up to three year warranty. Other laptop mount providers on the market can afford 30 day warranty only. Enforcer II has been the choice of my Ford F150 truck owners since it was first introduced to the market. After you order, the product will be shipped to your door. You can do the installation job without any difficulties. All you need is some simple hand tools. The installation process takes around twenty minutes.

In short, Ford F150 truck owners can now rest assured they have the perfect mobile computing solution to use. It seems that the only option to keep up with speed that the world moves today is to turn your vehicle into a mobile office and stay connected at all times.

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Truck Needs A Truck Laptop Desk

The use of trucks as offices on the go is increasingly becoming a popular trend. Professionals who are always on the move have to find ways of creating safe and stable surfaces to operate their laptops. Truck laptop desks are designed to meet this need and when not in use. When not in use, truck laptop desks can be uninstalled effortlessly and stored securely. Here are five reasons why you need a truck desk for your truck:

  1. It Enables You to Work from Any Location

For a person who is busy throughout, a truck laptop desk plays a crucial role in enabling him access his laptop from anywhere. Placing a laptop on the lap all day is not good. It is also not possible to place a laptop on the laps everywhere one goes especially when driving. However, with a truck desk such as the Dominator developed by Pro Desks, you can access your laptop fully and easily while inside a truck.

  1. It is Desk is Wireless

The best thing about truck laptop desks is that they are usually wireless. This means you can install and uninstall them without having to connect and disconnect cables. Working on a laptop while driving is not easy. Since you are not able to place a laptop on the lap, a truck laptop desk comes in very handy. There are different types of laptop holders to choose from in the market depending on your needs and budgets.

  1. It Enhances Laptop Safety

Laptops are increasingly becoming popular today; it is difficult to find a person who does not have one. Since they are mobile and easy to carry from one place to another, laptops are prone to theft. Besides being convenient, truck laptop desks help secure laptops in trucks in the sense that they protect them from quick thefts. The holders are fitted with keyed knob systems that are lockable on the desktop and pedestal upright. There is a strap that is adjustable that is covered on a computer above the keys and beneath the hinges. When buying a laptop holder for your truck, go for a model that offers features that guarantee the safety of your laptop in the truck.

  1. It is Durable

Truck laptop desks, especially the Dominator model are developed using high quality rugged steel that is both durable and sturdy. The base of the holder has no effect to seat movement and does not inconvenience the passenger. Self-installation is possible because the steps are simple.

  1. It is Versatile

Some truck laptop desk models such as the Dominator are extremely versatile. This model is also known as the ‘no drilling’ laptop desk. Apart from being ergonomic, the Dominator is also extendable making it possible to fit a 17 inched laptop screen. Its installation is easy because it is connected to passenger seats from the front side. It offers a tailored fit that does not require one to drill the vehicle. The holder comes with 4 shock pads that make it possible to raise a laptop several inches above the desk to allow flow of air. The shock pads also protect he laptop from vibration and shock generated during motion. The truck laptop desk can be turned, tilted and even swiveled so that both the passenger and driver can operate the laptop.